Building Organizations Successfully

Leadership is the most important aspect in developing an organization/business to run successfully with little to no supervision. Below are three guiding steps to build an organization that can operate successfully without you.

  1. Vision: In order to expand and grow there first needs to be a vision, a mental image of what you want your organization to be at in the future. To communicate a vision is best done with a vision statement, a written description of where you want to take your organization. If well written it can inspire you and your staff to reach your goals.

  2. People: Great Leaders know how to cast a vision and work with others to make dream into a reality. Working with others is the key and there is not much you can do about it. No matter the size of the organization working with clients, employees, business owners, government officials and potential successors is a necessity. To build an organization to run without you requires people skills.

  3. Operation and Scalability: All successful organizations understand the value of operations and the ability to scale. Steph three can be done many ways but it is best done through mentorship. Develop a strong leadership network who can mentor and serve you and your organization well; this will help you to develop an Operation & Scalability.

United States President Harry S Truman said “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit." Great leaders build up others but that comes at a price. Below are three warnings for building an organization that can operate successfully without you.

Warning #1: Count the costs. You will make mistakes that cost time, money, energy and relationships. The price you pay may not be worth the return and sometimes you cannot know the cost until something is already built.

Warning #2: Be careful who you bring on board. To build an organization that operates without you opens the door for losing control and being kicked out. You and your team must be willing to grow and adapt to the ever changing system because a system that run well today may not run well tomorrow.

Warning #3: Change is inevitable. As a leader you and your organization must be willing to adjust and grow. Culture, politics, the economy, always change and it will effect your organization in one way or another. In order to ensure long term stability, you must inspect and correct the inevitble pains that come with growth.

Helpful Advice:

  • As the leader set up everyone for success by developing systems not dependent on any key person.

  • A key philosophy for building a successful organization is that everyone is replaceable.

  • Organizations are a type relationship. A healthy relationship gives and takes.

  • Do not think that because your business or organization runs without you, that you do not need to ever show up again.


If you depend on your organization to provide you income or a lifestyle it can be risky to develop systems that can replace you. But the journey of developing the skills and resources to build organization that can run successfully without you is extremely empowering. To learn the art of developing systems that can run successfully with you, is to essentially learn how to replicate yourself. It is a formula that is customized to each person, industry, and desire.

On August 15, 2019, Future Leaders Of Whittier sponsored a meeting at the Collab work space in Uptown Whittier. Topic of discussion was how to develope a business that can run successfuly by it self.