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Leadership 101

There are many types of leaders, good leaders, inexperienced leaders, mature leaders, selfish leaders, leaders who desire to grow, and leaders who are done growing. LEADERSHIP 101 is designed to cover the fundamentals.

  1. Truths & Myths of Leadership

  2. Five deadly sins no Leader should make

  3. How to be the Leader you want to be


Thursday – Saturday
Afternoon or Evening


112501 Philadelphia Street

Whittier, CA 90601


Grow your Networth

Money opens doors, but your networth can build bridges. This Self-Development program focuses on helping you build your Social Capital & Financial Capital.

Social Capital: your networks of relationships who live and work in a particular society, enabling you to function effectively as a Leader.

Financial Capital: money in the bank and the money your banker will lend you.

As a leader you will benefit by having large amounts of Social Capital and Financial Capital.

Level 5 leadership

Jim Collin’s book From Good to Great explains how the best companies had level 5 leaders in their companies during a transitional period. This two day Self-Development program will equip you with key training points for discipline.

  • Disciplined people and Culture

  • Disciplined thought and Mindset

  • Disciplined action and Living by example


Monday – Tuesday
Morning only


112501 Philadelphia Street

Whittier, CA 90601


How to win friends & Influence people

Leadership is not positional, it is influence. Dale Carnegie’s book How to win friends and influence people explains the essentials for every leader. This is a 4 week program and will require homework. Fear of failure will fade away and your confidence will rise. This Self-Development class is designed to equip you with charming charisma that will change any pressured situation to a win-win success. This class will teach you the art of leadership.


Afternoon or Evening


Uptown Whittier, CA 90601


Goal of Future leaders of whittier

Our goal is to mold and prepare the next generation for success.
These classes are designed for beginners and are entirely free; donations are accepted.

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