Leaders build up other Leaders

Founding members: Fernando Lopez, Christine Singer-Luna, Courtney French & Joshua Eric Reyes.

Fernando Lopez

US Navy Veteran turned serial entrepreneur. Fernando is the founder of multiple organizations, one of which is Future Leaders of Whittier. Fernando has a background in Eastern Religions, he is an advocate for holistic spiritual healing, and has aspirations to become a philanthropist.

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Christine Singer-Luna

Local Activist, Christine, infuses her experience as an executive producer with her passion for community outreach, to help serve her hometown of Whittier. She produces a local podcast and is recognized for her work in local politics

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Courtney French

Courtney is a Master of Ceremonies. She can be virutally found at every major Whittier event. Courtney is the Director of Membership & Special Events at the Whittier Chamber of Commerce and has extensive experience in working with leaders, assisting them from good to Great!

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Joshua Eric Reyes

Financial Professional at Thrivent, Joshua assists his clients to grow their wealth and empowers them to give back to non-profits they are passionate for. Joshua is corporate minded with a heart for charity. Ask him about how he is helping people reach financial success and giving back to the community.

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leadership good and bad

Membership fees

All prospective members are able to attend three Leadership Meet-Ups free of charge. There are four tiers of membership.

Tier 1 Member: $10 a meeting

Tier 2 Member: $15 a meeting

Tier 3 Member: $20 a meeting

Tier 4 Member: $40 a meeting

_1st Tier: persons who are 25 or younger. Each 1st Tier member will receive our Basic Instructional-Leadership package to help them get started on their journey to leadership development. The goal of every 1st Tier member is to develop into a 2nd Tier member within six months. There is a one year limit for members to remain as a 1st Tier member.

_2nd Tier: a person who has little to no management experience. These members will be offered internships with community leaders who are operating in the field they desire to grow in. Each 2nd Tier member will receive our Management-Leadership package, a template for helping to develop leaders in the making.

_3rd Tier: a semi experience person who can lead but lacks the fundamentals to run and operate an successfully solo. This membership is ideal for middle management employees who desire to launch their own independent organization, business, non-profit or community project. Each 3rd Tier member will be offered the opportunity to lead a Leadership Meet-Up group and given the chance to practice running and operating a leadership training program.

_4th Tier: experienced leaders who desire to network with FLOW either for finding employees, to gain new ideas, or to simply network & enjoy the innovative environment. These member will NOT lead or advise any group but assist 3rd Tier members who desire to run and operate FLOW meetings. 4th Tier members will be held to the highest standards of professionalism. Leadership is influence and all 4th Tier members are expected to be a positive influence while in attendance.

$$$ is the Price too much?

Do not worry about the price, we will work with you. We offer volunteer programs where you can gain all the benefits of membership + more. Click here to learn more. Future Leaders of Whittier is a NOT for profit group. 100% of the money goes back into funding more Leadership & Community events.